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Waiving Rights With a Click
Waiving Rights With a Click
Tipping in the Gig Economy
What does it mean to tip in the gig economy? Having lived in Europe where tipping is relatively rare, to the US where tipping is pervasive, I've started confronting what tipping means.
Thoughts on Dungeons and Dragons 5e
I'm playing a bit of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition lately. They've "simplified" a lot of things, which sometimes feels like dumbing down, sometimes feels like removing the grind, and sometimes feels like a welcome shift.
Bach Google Doodle via Logic Pro
I made a Google Doodle Johann Sebastian Bach line and then pulled it in to Logic Pro to see what I could do with it.
Cloudtrail to Elasticsearch via S3
I'm loading CloudTrail events from S3 into Elasticsearch so that I can search them and visualise them. I do this automatically with a Lambda function. I also wrote a python program to bulk-upload CloudTrail into ElasticSearch. The code is on github.