Rants and Opinions

This is just whatever happens to be on my mind at a given moment.

Clown Shoes Account Deletion
I tried to get a company to delete an account. Their response was so bad it was hilarious.
Sonoff iFan03 using Tasmota and Home Assistant
I got a ceiling fan connected to Home Assistant using Tasmota firmware on an iFan03. Here's a few bits about how I did that.
Twas the Night Before Release Date 2020
A classic, funny poem set to *The Night Before Christmas* that has been floating around the internet anonymously for 30+ years.
Black Lives Matter
I'm doing what I can to support communities of colour. I matched $2500 of other people's donations to organisations like the National Bail Fund Network.
Video Conference Tips
I do a lot of meetings online and I've been doing it a long time. There are a few behaviours that you can do to make them easier and more successful.