Rants and Opinions

This is just whatever happens to be on my mind at a given moment.

Serving Web Directories using S3 and Cloudfront
My implementation of Luke Plausin's clever solution. Using the s3api command, you can actually create an object at the directory marker and write HTML to it. There are a lot of advantages to this and a handful of disadvantages to it. It lets you make CloudFront and S3 static web sites behave a lot more like websites run by nginx and Apache.
Install Old Macos
This is a way to install macOS catalina, sierra, high sierra, big sur, monterey, or mojave directly from Apple. Older operating system versions are hard to get, but if you need them, this will do it.
Pacos Chilli Chutney Recipe
My favourite chilli chutney recipe, inspired by Jamie Oliver
Clown Shoes Account Deletion
I tried to get a company to delete an account. Their response was so bad it was hilarious.
Sonoff iFan03 using Tasmota and Home Assistant
I got a ceiling fan connected to Home Assistant using Tasmota firmware on an iFan03. Here's a few bits about how I did that.