Hurricane isabel

Hurricane Isabel hit us last night. Using xplanet I generated some pseudo-satellite images of what it looked like.

These images are large. They’re not a lot of data (around 300-400K). They’re 2048×2048 pixels. We’re looking at the whole earth, after all.

This picture is later in the afternoon. If you look at the top right corner of the image, there’s some information about point-of-view and field-of-view there.


The second image is the view the morning after. The whole thing was pretty over-hyped in our area. Sterling and Loudoun county got off relatively easy compared to North Carolina, Virginia Beach, and even central Virginia.


Five trees fell down in front of houses near our house. This is really the most severe damage we saw. Of course, we didn’t have power for 8 hours and we couldn’t drink the water for 3 days, but that’s still getting off easy.

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