Online Games

I’ve just found a very cool online game site.

The site is There are just tons of games there. Most of them are strategy board games. It’s a big online community where you can find people to play with and have fun playing against them.

The Interface

To try it out, you can just download the java web applet and play. That works, but it’s slow and awkward. Once you decide to play, you can download the java application that you install and run from your hard disk. This speeds it up and makes it customizable.

But I speak English"

One of the first things English speakers notice is that the whole site’s mostly written in German, and even though they have translated a lot of it into English, you’re gonna see German. Moreover, you’re going to run into a lot of German speaking people there, which can sometimes make it awkward to play a game.

Hang out in English Town. To get there, type /room C10 at your command prompt. You’re sure to find other people who speak English and are looking for games. You’re also likely to find people from the US and Canada which means you’ll find people playing in your time zone.

If, for some reason, you’re interested in my score, you can see it here.

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