A Dusty Old Recording

My buddy Dave, former lead guitar player from my band back in college, discovered a great little demo tape we had made. Some of this was recorded in 1990, when we first formed the band. That line-up never actually performed anywhere. We just rehearsed a little bit and recorded these covers. We sorta wilted in 1991. Then in 1992, we replaced our drummer and bass player and actually did a few gigs.

It’s nothing special. We were just your average college cover band. But we had a lot of fun rockin out on the weekends. Read on to get the full scoop on who was in the band and to hear eight different recordings, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Stevie Wonder to the Commodores.

Bastinado (#1) 1990-1991

The first generation was just a straight-up rock band. We practiced in the attic of Monroe Hall. We almost got our first gig when one of the guys won a free weekend to Virginia Beach as a door prize to a party. We had to cancel our first gig and we just kinda didn’t pick it back up.

  • Kyle Williams — Lead Vocals, backing guitar
  • David Stackpole — Lead Guitar
  • Paco Hope — Keyboards, management
  • Adam Gaiser — Bass
  • Chris Dye — Drums


  1. Fool In The Rain by Led Zeppelin.
  2. Long Time by Boston.
  3. Subdivisions by Rush. This one mysteriously has no vocals.
  4. Subdivisions by Rush. This time we’ve got Kyle singing.

Bastinado (#2) 1992-1993

The second generation was more oriented towards funk. We added a horn section. This time we actually played gigs. Probably ten of them and I think we grossed a grand total of like $200. We got to play in all the great places like the acoustically impossible Trinkle Hall and an outdoor party shelter at Lake Matoaka that doesn’t exist any more.

  • Kyle Williams — Lead Vocals, backing guitar
  • Greg Johnson — Drums
  • David Stackpole — Lead Guitar
  • Paco Hope — Keyboards, management
  • Steve Kaufmann — Bass
  • Lee Sullivan — Trumpet
  • Dan — Trombone
  • Mike — Soprano and Tenor Saxophones


These are a bit funkier

  1. Brick House by The Commodores. Of the recordings on this page, I think this one holds together best.
  2. Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.
  3. Superstition by Stevie Wonder.
  4. Hollywood by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

About the Recordings

Incredibly, I just pulled out a boom box, threw a couple microphones on the floor of the attic, and hit record. The recordings don’t sound as crappy as you would think, given that description.