Guess these movies when the faces have been removed

This is a spreadsheet that has been floating around the net recently. I just got it from some friends, via email. I don’t think it has any virus in it, but you’re on your own there.


It shows you 72 still pictures from 72 different movies, but the faces have all been erased. I think this is really cool. I wish I knew who did it!

You can download the spreadsheet here.

If you type in the correct name of the movie, the word TRUE appears. But you have to type it exactly right. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but words like “the” and punctuation both matter.


If you get frustrated and want the spoilers, here you go.

It turns out that the answers are in the spreadsheet, but password protected. I bypassed the protection. Here are two sets of spoilers.

Just a little nudge

This is just the list of movies, but in alphabetical order. In this way you know which movies are in the list, but you don’t know which pictures go to which movies.

These spoilers are unfortunately necessary, because the maker of this spreadsheet used some dubious titles for movies. E.g. A Knights Tale instead of A Knight’s Tale (the spreadsheet leaves out the apostrophe). If you type it correctly, the spreadsheet will say you’re wrong.

The true spoiler

This lists all the movies in order. I think most people can probably get it without using this list. You can figure out the movies you don’t know through process of elimination.


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