Homographic Domain Name

I was at ShmooCon 05 this weekend where the Shmoo Group announced a homographic domain attack using Punycode encoded domain names. Pretty cool stuff.

Their attack stems from the fact that a Ukrainian a (а) and a latin a look very much alike. In DNS, however, they’re totally different. PayPal owns paypal.com, but the Shmoo guys registered xn–pypal-4ve.com, which is pаypal.com.

The bottom line is that I had to go do that, too. I now am pаco.com. Of course, Microsoft’s pathetic Internet Explorer doesn’t support this standard, so all you IE users out there are just stuck. Oh well. It’s nice to be able to exclude clueless IE users, anyways.

Just for fun, I bought ⌘.net. It’s gone now.

If you are not seeing a cute Mac symbol there, you’re either using sucky Internet Explorer, or you’re using a lame web browser on Windows. To enable better support for fun characters, see F. David McRitchie’s Firefox Customizations page. Once you’ve done that, take a look at his fonts table to see if you’re rendering fonts well.