Quicken Online “Support” Chat is Awful

I recently started using Quicken. Unfortunately, my Wachovia accounts would not import cleanly into the system. Naively, I contact Quicken’s online chat support. In 55 minutes the only thing the support moron could suggest was duplicating my problem in a new file, a bunch of crap that wasn’t true about how Quicken works, clobbering my Preferences file, and restarting Quicken. I was incensed! Here’s the chat transcript. “Austin” is clearly not his/her real name. There’s just no way that someone born with the name “Austin” would speak English so poorly. Grrr.

SystemWelcome Paco Hope "
9:00:26pmSystemCannot Find Default String
9:00:26pmSystemConnected to quicken.ehosts.net
9:00:26pmSystemInitial Question/Comment: Unable to import QFX from Wachovia Bank
9:00:46pmSystemAustin has joined this session!
9:00:46pmSystemConnected with Austin
9:00:55pmAustinWelcome to Quicken chat. I've reviewed the brief issue summary you provided. Could you provide specific details to help me better understand your situation?
9:01:14pmMei go to Wachovia's online site and download my transactions
9:01:34pmMeQuicken says "Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download. please try again later"
9:02:08pmMeThis happens if I download many accounts' transactions in one QFX file, or if I download just one accounts' transactions.
9:03:26pmAustinThank you for the details
9:03:31pmAustinMay I ask since when you are facing this problem?
9:04:33pmMeI have had Quicken 05 for the Mac for about 2 months. I never used Quicken before February 2005. My Wachovia accounts have always had this problem during that time.
9:05:03pmMeMy accounts with SunTrust (checking/money market) and Bank One (credit cards) have all worked all that time.
9:05:24pmMeMy accounts with Wachovia are checking, money market, and lines of credit.
9:06:07pmMeIf I open the QFX file, here's some of the stuff I see. It looks like a sort of XML format.
9:06:58pmMeHere's the bits that are probably most relevant:
9:07:26pmMeThat's Intuit's bank identifier.
9:09:18pmAustinPlease create a new file ( file > new file ) there setup a new account with the bank and then download the Qfx file to desktop save it there , open the program , go to File > import > web connect and import the file into the program .
9:09:32pmMeOk. just a minute.
9:10:44pmMeSame error. "Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download. Please try again later.
9:11:10pmMeThe "Online Update Status" dialog box is still on the screen behind that error message.
9:12:31pmAustinWell, in that case you need to contact the bank on this as the bank is rejecting the request that you are sending to the bank sever .
9:12:47pmMeyou don't understand
9:12:51pmMeI'm not contacting the bank.
9:13:00pmMeI have downloaded the transactions to a QFX file.
9:13:22pmMeThat "Online Update Status" is a connection to Intuit, isn't it?
9:15:29pmAustinRight .. I can understand that ".. yes the file is downloaded to the desktop from the bank web site but the main connection to the bank web sever is made when you try to get the file into the program .
9:16:07pmMeNo, that's only when you choose "download transactions," isn't it?
9:17:34pmMeImport web connect is all about importing files.
9:17:50pmMeI'm running a packet sniffer on my system to see what my machine connects to.
9:18:11pmMeIt doesn't try to connect to Wachovia (or Intuit"). It just immediately says it cannot process the file.
9:19:12pmAustinMay I ask when exactly you are getting this message ?
9:20:11pmMeI click File -> Import Web Connect" The "Online Update Status" message appears. It pauses 1 or 2 seconds, then I get the error.
9:20:57pmMeAt that time, my computer makes an encrypted connection to ofx-prod-brand.intuit.com. I don't know what goes on back and forth between the two computers.
9:21:07pmMeAfter the connection is done, I get the error.
9:23:46pmAustinMay I ask if you are getting the same error in new file also , then you need to contact your bank and check if there sever are having some issue or not
9:24:23pmAustinSince as your have correctly mentioned "" "Online Update Status after this the message appears
9:24:46pmMeHow many times do I have to tell you that it has nothing to do with the bank's server!
9:24:57pmMeIt does happen when I create a new file.
9:25:22pmMeWhen I create a new file, and I try to import a QFX file from my hard disk (not from the bank server), I get this message.
9:25:40pmMeWhen my computer is doing the Online status update, it is talking to INTUIT, not to Wachovia.
9:26:18pmMeINTUIT keeps information about the various banks, and I have to keep my copy of Quicken up to date by downloading that information
9:26:25pmMeThat's what the Online Status Update is.
9:26:51pmMeThe problem is that, despite the fact that I'm getting information from Intuit, Quicken still cannot understand these files.
9:32:10pmAustinMay I ask what is the OS you are working on ?
9:32:29pmMeMacintosh. OS X 10.3.8. all updates and patches applied.
9:32:47pmMeI already said that twice.
9:35:17pmAustin1) Open the Users folder on your Mac OS X hard drive.
2) Open the Library folder in the Active User Name folder, and then open the Preferences folder.
3) Drag all files named either Intuit Online preferences or Quicken preferences to the Trash
9:35:51pmMejust a minute
9:38:35pmMeok. I had a Quicken 2005 Preferences. It was zero bytes in size, but I trashed it anyways.
9:38:44pmMeNow I'm creating a new file and trying to import the QFX file.
9:39:32pmMeSame error. unable to verify the financial institution information for this download.
9:40:39pmAustinMay I ask if you have Quicken installation disk with you at the moment ?
9:41:03pmMeI downloaded from the intuit web site. I do have the file, yes.
9:42:33pmAustinI would request you to close and open Quicken again and check if you are getting the same error or not .
9:42:59pmMeI did that. I closed quicken, trashed the preferences file, then I restarted it.
9:43:14pmMeAfter restarting it, I created a new file, and tried File -> import web connect
9:46:59pmMein case you wonder, I have updated Quicken with the R2 updater, also.
9:48:25pmMethe intuit support web site appears to be down right now, too.
9:49:35pmAustinYes , that is fine the steps , that you are taking and we took some extra steps also " but since you are getting the same error when you try to send the file into the program.
9:50:58pmAustinPlease contact your financial institution for support on this issue. The cause and solution for your issue are beyond the scope of my access or resources. If you prefer, you and your financial institution can conference call Quicken phone support for assistance. Quicken phone support can be reached at — (800) 811-8766. We would be happy to work with you and our FI partner in resolving your issue.

Notice how much of the technical detail is mine. I know more about this stupid program than he/she did! The last paragraph was clearly copied and pasted because its grammar was correct and it was long. This person clearly had no typing skills and could never have typed that so fast by hand.

It's infuriating!

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