D-Link DIR-655: Excellent Wireless Router

I just bought a D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router for the house. I have two major problems: aluminum siding that seems to block my old Netgear’s signal pretty well, and a MacBook Pro, which we all know has sucky Wi-Fi reception. Well, I’m blogging this from my hammock in the back yard. I call that a success.

The nice thing about the DIR-655 is that it has darn near everything I could ever want. It’s fast as blazes around the house, and it has gigabit ethernet. I plan to do some wired gigabit ethernet devices in the house, so I needed a gig-E switch. I also needed a beefier Wi-Fi signal to get through the thick skull of my MacBook Pro. This has it all. It was on sale at Microcenter for $139. Sold.