iPhone and Wireless Router Config

See my other post about my D-Link DIR-655 wireless router. I wanted to connect my iPhone to it. I started with a strong password and maximum security, but it didn’t want to connect. I backed down the security settings a little bit, and the iPhone connects just fine.

I started with WPA2 Personal as my only network protection option. I also set it to use a pretty long, strong password:

WeDon’tDoWindowsHere. I’m not sure if that’s longer than the iPhone can grok or if that apostrophe interfered. Either way, it didn’t like that. Furthermore, the iPhone didn’t seem to like WPA2, at least as implemented by the DIR-655. If I dropped to a simple password, and I dropped to WPA authentication, the iPhone connected fine. WPA2 never worked.

In the end, I got a pretty reasonable password (15 characters, just alpha numeric) and WPA encryption/authentication. And now my iPhone gets reception all over the yard, just like the MBP does.

I feel like I’m essentially in an arms race with my neighbors. Whoever gets the biggest Wi-Fi antenna wins.