My iPhone Wish List

I’ve had about a month using the iPhone, and I’ve got my wish list of features that it doesn’t have, but should. Some of these are failings that I’ve seen elsewhere, others are uniquely iPhone failures.

Let me do something with my contacts!

If I have someone’s phone number, address, etc, I’d like to be able to give that to you. I can’t bluetooth it to you, I can’t email it to you, I can’t SMS it to you, etc. If I have a contact or person on my iPhone and want to give you that person’s information, it’s hopeless. It can’t be done. This is an area where GoodLink for the Treo and Blackberry and such falls on its face, too. On a Palm device, like a Treo, it replaces the built-in address book (which can send contact information around) with an address book that is incapable of sending contact information.

Give me Copy and Paste!

There’s no way to copy and paste from any app to any other app. Apple invented the whole concept of copy from anything and paste to anything. Here it is 20 years later and they introduce the first device that has no concept of copy and paste at all.

Give me access to the storage on the device!

It does something with iPhoto so that iPhoto sees it as a camera that can download pictures. It does not, however, give me access to the raw disk space. Why not? iPods do it. Why can’t the iPhone?

Let me rotate more apps!

The wide keyboard (usable only under Safari) is easier for me to type on. Unfortunately, since SMS, Mail, and Google maps don’t rotate, I can’t get that bigger keyboard.

Give me wireless data transfer!

I want to bluetooth synchronize with my iTunes. I want to send sounds (i.e., ring tones, MP3s, etc) to the phone via bluetooth. I want to get photos onto and off the phone via bluetooth. If AT&T ever gives me a dumb-ass picture-mail service where people get emails that tell them to go to web sites (instead of just sending the picture in the email), I’ll scream. Verizon has started doing that and they even convert your JPEG to Flash (FLASH!) for maximum non-usability. The carriers are SO not interested in what their customers want. They’re only interested in what they can do to create barriers that you have to pay to overcome.

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