Recovering a Forgotten Password in iVisit

I use iVisit for video conferencing. I wanted to change my password, but I didn’t know the old one. I had been logging in OK because iVisit will save your password for you, if you check the box next to your password on the login screen. Well, I figured that I could probably get my password out of the software so I could change it. Sure enough, it’s quite easy.

The trick is simply to know where iVisit stores its data files. I use the MacOS version and I simply open up a Terminal and run the following command:

strings “/Applications/iVisit/iVisit Data/com/myid”

That produces some output like this:

My username on iVisit is paco_hope.1234 (not really 1234, but that’s the general idea). My password is “fluffy” (not really, but it is in this example). The file itself is some kind of proprietary file in a weird binary format, but who cares? The strings you need are stored in the clear.

iVisit has a Windows version, too, and I’d expect it to be quite similar in terms of how it stores passwords.