Microsoft is trying to kill the Mac by writing software for it

I plan to rant later about what a ridiculous flaming piece of garbage Microsoft’s Office 2008 for Mac is. Today it is Remote Desktop Connection for Mac. It doesn’t handle case-sensitive filesystems correctly, and I have to make a change to my filesystem to make their software work.

One of the options in RDC shares your Mac drives with the Windows system as if they were network shares. Pretty handy—if it worked. Here’s the options in the RDC Preferences:

RDC Drive Sharing

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t work if you format your hard disk with a case sensitive filesystem. Case sensitivity has been available since Tiger, but Leopard was the first time I actually played with it. If I share my home folder (as shown in the graphic above), have all lower-case paths and file names, I can see them in Windows. Otherwise, not a chance.

Furthermore, if I create a folder in Windows on my shared drive and I call it “TestFolder,” the folder will actually be named “testfolder” when it gets created.  So: all lower-case paths are half-way usable. If you’re like me, though, and you use mixed case in your folder names and such, you’re just out of luck.