Microsoft Lies on Genuine Advantage Description

I’ve resisted for a long time, but now I just don’t have the time to resist. I had to install the Windows Genuine Advantage crap. The description Microsoft gives for it is an outright lie. This subtlety is lost on most users, but it’s there.

I only run Windows a few times a month when there’s something specific I just have to get done and it can only be done in Windows. Usually that’s something related to a customer. Everything in my personal life can be done more easily on a Mac. I went to update my

Parallels virtual machine and I decided I’d just buckle and let Microsoft install the Windows Genuine Advantage crap. As an end user, imagine seeing this:

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Description

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Description

Their claim is that it “enables you verify that your copy of Microsoft Windows is genuine.” That’s not true at all. It allows THEM (i.e., Microsoft) to decide whether or not my copy is genuine. It’s not like I have some big, green “verify” button that I can click on, or an option on my right-click menu that says “verify this program.” It doesn’t “enable me” to do anything. It enables them. I can’t even invoke it, or “verify,” on demand. They can. I can’t.

This is one more example of software marketing people just making things up. It’s an outright lie, a falsehood, a non-truth. It does not do what they say it does in any way, shape, or form. They have legitimate anti-piracy concerns. They make a good case for them on the web site. However, this statement that tries to make the software more palatable to consumers is a complete mischaracterization of the feature. Why is this level of falsehood allowed?

It doesn’t help my mood that I’ve got Windows XP installing SP3 in the background. It takes forever and merely fixes blunders that they did to begin with. I pay and pay and pay. I paid good money for the software, and then I pay in time over and over again.