Tricking Office 2008 updater

I’m not sure what the problem was, but every time I tried to update my Office 2008 installation, with the 12.1.1 updater, it would say there was no version of Office to update, even though there was. Perhaps it’s because I have Office 2004 also installed. I need to be compatible with some Office 2003 Windows users, and 2008 doesn’t do it in a variety of specific places. Read on to see how you can trick the installer into updating no matter what.

So anyways, I figured out how to get the update to apply in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create a script called and put the following contents in it:#!/bin/sh<br /> echo "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008"<br /> exit 0

    1. Make sure it’s executable by setting its execute permissions:chmod a+x
    2. Make sure that you put the right path to Office 2008 in the 2nd line, if you didn’t install in the standard path.
  2. Go into the .mpkg folder for your updater and move the real find_office program away. In my case, I had put the updater on my desktop, so these commands looked like this for me:

    cd ~/Desktop/Office\ 2008\ SP1\ Update\ \(12.1.0\)/Contents/Resources<br /> mv find_office find_office.orig

  3. Copy your script to that location, and remove the .sh from its name. E.g.,:

    cp ~/ ./find_office

  4. Now double-click the Updater. It will work. (At least it did for me)

Incidentally, this made it much faster, since the standard find_office program roams all over the hard drive looking for Office installations. It took about 3-4 minutes on my system to do that. My no-op script, obviously, takes a fraction of the time and works fine, as far as I can tell.