A guy’s take on laundry

I was doing laundry this weekend. I do about 0.01% of the loads of laundry in our household, on average, despite being responsible for about 1/3 to 1/2 of it, by volume. I observed something funny about how I do it, too.

For whatever reason, I always start with whites. After all, they need special handling (don’t put the red T-shirt in with them, right Jenny?). It also seems like you get a lot done by starting with whites.

When I fold them and put them away, I often notice that I’ve done more for myself than I have for the others in the family. It sorta dawned on me today. Duh.

All my underwear are white. Not suprising. That’s probably true for most men. I’ve got a pile of white undershirts and I wear one a day. Most of my business dress shirts are either white or mostly white. Doing whites goes a long way for me. My boys have all different color underwear with characters on them, they have shirts of every conceivable color (and character) and such. My clothes are all different colors, too. This isn’t to say that I’m somehow monochromatic, but a load of whites dos a lot more for me (and probably many men) than it does for them. Duh.

Next time, I’ll start with darks.

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