Credit for non-service

I went to pick up an eyetv hybrid from the mac section of Microcenter. I stood around for 10 minutes waiting for th one guy in the section to finish talking on the phone. The only reason I was waiting was because the one I needed was behind the counter and I didn’t want to just go back there and grab it.

After 15 minutes, of waiting, I just gave up. I went behind the counter, grabbed the one I wanted and headed for the door. At that point the sales guy stops me and puts his sticker on the item. You see, at Microcenter, they put a sticker on an item to indicate that they helped you pick it out. Now, when someone helps me pick a compatible hard drive or the right eSATA controller, I’m happy they get credit for it. But this guy did worse than nothing. He tried to get credit for ignoring me.

I scraped the sticker off before I got to the register. No credit for non-service.