Entourage Rule to Filter Russian Spam

I’m starting to get a lot of Russian spam now. The good news is that I don’t understand it, so I can’t possibly fall for it. The bad news is that my junk email filters and even Postini are not catching it. I created a rule in Entourage that handles them.

First, go to Tools → Rules. In my case I’m attached to an Exchange server, so I have to make a new Exchange rule.

Note that! If you POP your email, you have to create a POP rule. If you use IMAP, you have to create an IMAP rule. This is dumb. You can create the rule in the wrong category and it will never fire, and you’ll be left wondering why. If you have more than one account, you have to create more than one copy of this rule. Sigh.

Here’s the kind of message I’m trying to block. In Entourage, it looks like this:

Russian Spam Message

If you go to Message → View Source, you’ll see the actual source, which shows why it’s kinda hard to write a rule for this:

Russian Spam Message Source

The Subject, From, and other fields use the koi8-r character set (A Russian character set), but they do it in-line. That is, rather than having some top-level header that says “Hey, we’re all in Russian,” they do it at each place they need it. Standards-compliant, sneaky, and effective.

What I do is the following:

  1. Open one of the messages and copy a small, presumably common word, like на. You have to do this by copying (possibly from my blog post right here) because there’s nothing you can enter by hand that will actually match.
  2. Open your rules (Tools → Rules) and create a new rule.
  3. In the criterion section, choose “Subject” and “Contains” and then paste your small Russian word in the box.
  4. Add some actions. I use:
    • Change Status: Junk E-mail
    • Move Message: Junk E-mail
    • Remove Attachments
  5. Go ahead and save the rule

If you want to add another small word (I also filter on это), you can copy and paste it the same way. In my case, I didn’t have this blog post to copy from. I had to copy from the message in Entourage, and that was a pain. Entourage wouldn’t let me copy from the message while I was in the rules editor.

Here’s my finished rule:

Complete Entourage Rule that Deletes Russian Spam

Complete Entourage Rule that Deletes Russian Spam

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