Hackint0shing Dell Mini: it Works

In my previous post I left off without telling you whether or not I successfully hacked my Dell Inspiron mini 9-Inch. In the end, I bought a 32GB PCIe SSD Drive and installed it. (Installing is totally painless and trivial). After that, the Gizmodo instructions worked perfectly.

Basically, I wasted a ton of time trying to shoehorn Mac OS X into an 8G SSD when it just wasn’t going to go. I also realized that, if I were to make it work, the system just wouldn’t be all that useful. I would have had maybe 1G free for applications and music and movies and such. With the 32G SSD and a healthy selection of apps, I still have 20G free.

My total cost, door-to-door, was about $334. Not bad, but not the $200 netbook that everyone talked about.

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