Paco’s Books on Birth, Babies, and Kids

These are books that I frequently recommend in my childbirth class. Some are better than others. Read on to see my brief comments on each one. Clicking the titles will take you over to Amazon where you can buy a copy for yourself.

Probably the first book any expectant father ought to get. It's well written, and has lots of information about what's going through mom's head and what we can do to help. It takes both the pregnancy and labor itself step-by-step and gives you some pretty decent ideas about what you might feel and how you might best direct your energies. The Expectant Father

Armin A. Brott

Dads traditionally have a hard time connecting with really small infants. This book gives you all sorts of little activities and "games" you can play with your newborn. It tells you what ages are appropriate for these activities and what you can expect. Makes it a lot more interesting to spend quality time with the new baby if you know what your baby is capable of. Rookie Dad

Susan Fox

Not quite as useful (to me) as the Expectant Father, this book gives you some ideas about what's happening in that first year. What will your baby be able to do? When does teething start? When do you get to sleep again? How does the baby affect your taxes? The New Father

Armin A. Brott

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I love this book. Kay Willis is the mother of 10 children and they all seem to have survived into well-balanced adulthood. She shares some really excellent tips on how to balance your life and how not to get caught up in the small stuff. One of the life-changing concepts in this book was the idea of making sure mom has a day off every week. It is hard to overcome moms' innate self-sacrificial tendencies, but you must. As Kay says "nobody wants leftover mom." Are We Having Fun Yet?

Kay Willis

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In this case "discipline" doesn't mean punishment. It means structure and ritual and the framework that kids can come to count on. As your kids head towards preschool, read this. Positive Discipline for Preschoolers"

Jane Ed.D. Nelsen

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Another good book about giving kids inner discipline. Kids Are Worth It!

Barbara Coloroso

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This is another groundbreaking book for me. It emphasized a lot of key concepts that I (when I remember) make really good use of. Getting down on kids physical level to talk to them. Talking to them like they are adults. Treating them with the same respect verbally, non-verbally, and physically that you would show to a peer adult. It is really outstanding. The Gentle Art of Communicating with Kids

Suzette Haden Elgin, PhD

Our boys are very independent and strong-willed. This book puts that in a positive light and shows you how to get the most out of it. Everything Parent's Guide To The Strong-Willed Child

Carl E. Pickhardt