Stuff my iPhone Still Doesn’t Do

I got an iPhone 3GS recently. That, plus iPhone software 3.0, gives me a lot of new features. I’m still surprised at the things that Nokia had years ago, but Apple still hasn’t adopted.

I had a Nokia phone for several years before I got my first iPhone. Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m sticking with Apple. I love my iPhone. But there are still a few things that it makes a pain or impossible.

SMS Templates: I find myself sending lots of messages that are largely the same. Nokia had templates for SMS messages. If I want to say “on my way” or “leaving work” or “where are you?” I could just flick through a few templates, hit a couple of buttons and I was on my way.

Wireless Sync: Huh? What’s this USB cable thing, anyways? MacOS X was able to sync over bluetooth with my Nokia back in 2004. Now, I realize that 16GB of data isn’t going over Bluetooth any time soon. But we’ve got WiFi. How about some WiFi sync?

Files and Data: To this day, you have to use iTunes and a proprietary interface to pull photos out, and you can’t store files on the thing unless you jump through some hoops and buy some software. Regular iPods were always a hybrid of music and data. Most phones allow it, too. This thing tries to pretend it doesn’t have a filesystem and it doesn’t offer interfaces. Again, we had this 6 or 7 years ago in phones.

Bluetooth is crippled: I should be able to zing my contacts, photos, voice recordings, applications, or anything else via Bluetooth OBEX. As it is, there are just a few limited things you can do with Bluetooth. Far less than the typical bluetooth phone.

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