Comparison Christmas Shopping: Amazon versus Tesco

This isn’t a post advertising one thing or another, but I was really surprised at the difference in prices when doing some Christmas shopping online today. Here’s four of the toys we were considering and the prices offered at versus You figure that prices do vary from site to site, but I’ve never seen them vary enough that it mattered. Today, anyways, it mattered plenty.

Toy Amazon Tesco Difference
Super Mario 3D Land — Nintendo 3DS 37.93 32.70 5.23
Octonauts Octopod Play Set 39.99 34.24 5.75
Cars 2 Secret Spy Finn McMissile 34.78 25.96 8.82
LEGO Hero Factory Rocka Xl 14.99 21.97 6.98
 Total 26.78

In the end, we made two orders: one from Amazon and one from Tesco. We saved a non-trivial amount of money. This is in pounds. So at today’s rates, £26.78 is worth about $41.79. Worth the effort we spent.

The only other question is stuff like shipping. Shipping was free in both cases. Amazon was also better on price in the 3D Land game, but they’re shipping time on the cheap one was 2-4 weeks, which wouldn’t make it for Christmas. So the price I show above is for an Amazon retailer who had it in stock and could ship this week.