I hate PhotoShop
[Swinging With the Finkels][1]
Swinging With the Finkels

This is a picture I snapped in the London tube recently. Taking this thing apart, it’s just atrocious what we’re expected to overlook. All these

Photoshop tricks have become so commonplace that we sometimes forget that this isn’t real.

  • The bodies. Really? Do these two people have some disease that makes their heads look like bobble head dolls? This is a case of mushing them until they fit the frame.
  • They’re not sitting on that couch. Most of the time, when someone sits on a couch, they distort the cushion. That cushion is photo-perfect straight.
  • They probably weren’t even sitting on the same bench at the same time when their photos were taken. They’re unnaturally close, to the point that one would interfere with the other in some way, were they to sit that close together in real life.
  • The other 8 people in the poster? I’d bet money that the two women on the right were the only two people to be photographed at the same time. The others were shot individually and just slapped in there.
  • The shadows are perfect, photoshop gaussian blur that we’ve all come to accept as good stand-ins for actual shadow.

I don’t know why I get so frustrated with all this. But I think it’s just an insult to the public to put crap out like this. I mean, with all the photographers in the world, we couldn’t find one who could put two people on a couch and take a decent picture of them?

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