Where are the missing iPad apps?

I got an iPad 2 recently. I like it a lot. I blogged most of this from it, while sitting at a train station. Thats cool. But I’m a long-time iPhone user and I have gotten used to certain conveniences. I was shocked at the apps that were missing.


This may sound like a trivial thing, but the clock app on the iPhone includes a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm clock. Those are really useful things. Most importantly, the alarm clock on the iPhone can be shut off without unlocking the phone. I got an alarm clock app for the iPad, and I’m generally happy with it, but i have to wake up, unlock the iPad with a 6 character password, and then turn off the alarm. The phone is much better for this.


Really? We forgot to create a calculator app for this thing? I understand that it’s nice when Apple does not put too much into base installation. It leaves room for app developers to create meaningful apps. But put a really basic one on here. Its kinda ridiculous that there isnt even the most basic calculator. The presence of a basic calculator on the iPhone doesn’t really stop other calculators from being created there.


Heres one where I’m a little ambivalent. I mean, it is a handy thing to have on the phone, but its not critical. The nice thing about getting one on the phone is that it is localised to your region. I.e., it is set up to pull British weather in the UK and American weather in the US. I’ve downloaded a couple free weather apps from the app store only to find that they only understand US weather.

Stock Ticker

This is an app I am glad is missing. I thought it silly to include one by default on all the iPhones. It seems to imply that anyone who owns an iPhone (or iPad) needs up-to-the-minute prices on stocks. The vast major of us don’t, so this is actually a good omission. This is a problem that is best left to the app developers to solve, its not a common need for all users.

Then theres iTunes, which is the apple music store, theres the app store, and theres the iPod app. Interestingly enough, these things are 3 separate apps on the iPad, whereas they are all mashed into one bloated iTunes application on my desktop computer. I like this because I can relegate the unused bits to distant corners of the iPad, while keeping the ones I use in more logical locations. On iTunes on my desktop, I get all the crap whether I want it or not.

Can someone please find the guy at Apple who created their Settings organisation? I’d like to kill him. It is the most jumbled up mess they’ve ever released. There is no rhyme or reason. Things I turn on and off regularly are 2 layers down (cellular data), meanwhile things I set once and never change (background, brightness) are front-and-center.

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