MacOS Lion 10.7.5 Bugs Recovering from Time Machine

I just lost my main hard drive in my Mac Pro. No big deal. I have Time Machine backups. The problem is some of the fixing and updating that needs to happen once I’ve restored. This is on Lion (10.7.5), not Mountain Lion (10.8).

Notifying me AFTER deleting all my backups

The first thing that happened was that MacOS did not offer me the oppportunity to inherit backups the way it should. So it asked me if I wanted to use the backup disk, and I said yes. Next thing I know, all my old backup versions are gone and it’s complaining that it needs more space. I notice that in preferences you can ask it to notify you AFTER it deletes old backups. What about notifying me before?

New Backups take FOREVER

thirty seven thousand days for a backup?

So now that I’ve given up on reusing my old backups, I actually decided to reformat the drive. Now I have an encrypted (FileVault2) backup drive, which has its advantages. But after 24 hours of constant “work”, it seems only 1Gb out of 780Gb was backed up. Something’s wrong. I found this article at CNET that explains how lots of people are running into this. So I turn off Spotlight.

App Store Apps need updating

So while Time Machine is doing its thing (still going to take 12-14 hours to backup my 1TB disk), I decide I’ll update a few apps. Aperture and Snapseed both have updates available. It doesn’t work. I get this strange “You have updates available for other accounts” error. Turns out that’s also solved over at the Apple forums. The solution? Spotlight needs to be enabled and running.

So I’m Stuck

I can’t turn on Spotlight because it will kill my backups, and I can’t update my apps because I can’t turn on Spotlight. Sigh.

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