Vodafone Mobile Broadband UK 3G APN settings

I use a Vodafone K3505 dongle on Vodafone UK’s network. When I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, it broke my installation of Vodafone Mobile Broadband. I did a bunch of searching and I finally found what I needed. It was not easy. So, here’s my quick blog post about what you need.

  1. The latest Vodafone Mobile Broadband, which can be downloaded for Mac or Windows. I found this from a Vodafone eForum post. When you install it, however, chances are that it will use the wrong APN name.
  2. Correct APN settings. Unfortunately, the instructions at this eForum post are wrong. It says use “PP.INTERNET” as your APN. That’s wrong. Use PPBUNDLE.INTERNET.

I had to find this page full of APN settings and look up Vodafone UK. But it is also wrong. Only a comment lower down is correct. You need ppbundle.internet as your APN name and “web” for the username and “web” for the password.

Very frustrating.

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