Real sports and DVR

We watched the Andy Murray Wimbledon final via DVR. Not that there were any commercials on the BBC, but with kids you never know. You get interrupted a lot. One of the consequences of social media, though, is that at some point a lot of people know the result and start tweeting and facebooking about the result. We were about 15 minutes behind real time. So it means that, while we watch social media throughout the match, at some point near the end we have to stop looking at twitter and facebook. I want to see the real result without knowing how it will end. So for the things that really matter, like sport and news and whatnot, DVRs and YouTube and all those things don’t really threaten the integrity of the experience. We can choose the spoilers, but we don’t have to. If you want to feel that untainted elation, you really have to watch pretty much in real time. So while some big corps might moan about the impact I DVRs on TV, it shows that content is still king. DVRs don’t threaten the things that matter.

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