TfL Oyster: Why I Pay in Person

I have a travel card for London’s Underground. I renew it by going up to the machines in the station. Every time I finish my transaction, the machine asks “next time why not renew online?” There’s a really good reason: time.

I can get that whole transaction done in 90 seconds at the machine. I tap my oyster, select renew, put in my credit card, enter my PIN, and tap my oyster a second time. Done. I can’t even get logged in at the oyster site in that time, using high speed broadband and a fast laptop. And I’m buying a ticket for monthly travel: I’m in the station already.

I would like it so much better if the machine said “wow! You got that done in 75 seconds!” Rather than imply I did something wrong or suboptimal. Let’s face it: online is not always better or faster.

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