UK Recruiters: Pain in the ass

Because Cigital is virtually always hiring people, I get a lot of calls from enterprising recruiters. The problem in the recruiting industry is that there are a lot of bad apples. It colours my view of the whole industry. Let me tell you a story about a recruiter. We’ll call him “Luke”. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Setting the stage for the punchline takes some time. But this is worth it.

Someone comes to my desk. “Paco, there’s a guy on the phone for you. He says his name is ‘Luke’ and you’d know what he’s calling about.” Of course, I didn’t know a Luke, wasn’t expecting the call, and didn’t know what he’d be talking about. I guessed it would be PPI, but I was wrong.


I’d like to join your LinkedIn Network

Luke immediately introduces himself correctly with his firm and the fact that he’s trying to place pen testers. Luke seems simultaneously aware that there are lots of bad apples in his industry, yet blithely unaware that—by doing what he’s doing—he’s one of them. I tell him I’m not doing business with a firm that cold-calls and hides the reason for their call. If he had properly introduced himself to my colleague, we could have avoided all this.

I pointed out that someone like me gets weekly barrages of CVs, emails, and LinkedIn requests. I told him that for a long time the first line of my LinkedIn profile was “I don’t link to recruiters.” And I told him how much I hated it that I received dozens of requests to link anyways. Eventually I politely finished my rant, wished him well, and hung up.

An hour later, he sends me a LinkedIn request. I have just ranted at him and hung up on him. Maybe he’s just trolling me. If so, he’s an expert.

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