Even More Dusty Old Recordings

Back when I was at college at William & Mary, I had a band. A few years ago (back in 2004), I found a some old cassette recordings where we recorded some Bastinado rehearsals. I blogged about them then at the time. On the same cassettes, and at the same time, I found the recordings of a second band. I even converted the cassettes to mp3 at the time. I never blogged about it. Those MP3s sat on my web server for 14 years with nothing pointing at them and no links to them. It was only when I started checking my blog after converting to static blogging that I noticed them and realised what had happened. So, 24 years later, and 14 years after converting to MP3, here they are.

The Motor Boys

The Motor Boys was a one-gig wonder. The three of us rehearsed for a weekend, did a single gig at Mama Mia’s on 24 July 1993 and never played together again. The backbone of the group was Aaron Schnore, who had lined up the gig and who composed a fair number of the songs we played. He was (at the time, anyway) a bit of a singer/songwriter. For some reason, I remember this gig pretty well, so I will write little bit about each song.

The recordings are live, so you’ll hear various bits of “thank you” and introductions and actually the occasional applause. The recordings were done with a pretty basic boombox and a microphone.


  • If Jesus Were My Drinkin Partner.mp3 This is a hilarious, irreverent original by Aaron. I’m playing some out-of-tune, honky tonk piano.
  • Mayfair.mp3 Another of Aaron’s originals. I actually sing a little backup vocals on this one.
  • PCP Surf Song.mp3 Aaron introduces this as “a new song called PCP Surf Song”. We were jamming on a Sunday afternoon and just sorta made this up. Apparently we remembered it enough to play it again that Saturday. I’m playing drums on a synthesiser.
  • Yield.mp3 Another Aaron original. The main guitar and vocals are Aaron. Dave is soloing a bit on the guitar for accents. I’m drumming on the synthesiser again.
  • I’m Still Standing By.mp3 I suspect this is one of Aaron’s originals. In this recording it’s just him singing and playing guitar.


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