Bach Google Doodle via Logic Pro

A friend of mine works at Google doing machine learning. He contributed to the Google Doodle Tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach.

I sat down with my teenage son this weekend and showed it to him. Within a couple minutes he had made a doodle that was sorta reasonable. I pulled it in to Logic Pro to see what I could do with it.

I rearranged it just a bit. The bass line is now played by something that actually sounds like a bass guitar. I added an AI drummer from Logic Pro. I added a synthesizer track. In measure 2 it plays the alto. In measure 3 it plays the tenor. And in measure 4 it plays the melody.

It’s funny how easy this is. It sorta feels like some kind of rock ballad. Just add hairspray.

Watch it in Logic Pro

Or Just Listen to the MP3