Black Lives Matter

At the end of May 2020 we have protests, riots, and police attacking journalists and civilians. My heart goes out to those affected. People of colour are disproportionately harmed, incarcerated, and penalised by the American justice system. It’s been hard to watch videos of police shooting innocent people with teargas and other non-lethal weapons. Journalists are targetted directly despite their clear credentials. None of it is “protect and serve.”

On 15 April 2020, the IRS unceremoniously deposited $2509.20 in my checking account. It was a payment from the CARES Act. I don’t need this money. There are all kinds of people out there who are suffering, out of work, working gig economy jobs, etc. I have a high tech job that is totally doable from home. I haven’t missed a paycheck and my job is secure. I was looking for something worthwhile to do with this money. There are a lot of worthy causes.

When the protests started, I saw Kelsey’s announcement on Twitter that she would match up to $5000.

I wasn’t very clever. I contacted her and asked if she was still doing it, because I wanted to donate $2509.20 and that’s a lot of her match. Well, she had a better idea. She was getting so many people donating that she was about to run out of the $5000 she had pledged, so I could put my money up to match other donors. I was thrilled. I would get my money’s impact doubled, just like I wanted to, but we would give all kinds of OTHER people the same benefit. So I tweeted and she added me to her list.

In about an hour it was gone.

Kelsey did all the matching and collating of people’s receipts. I ended up with 6 donations to make.

Charity Amount Donation Link
Black Visions MN 735
Northwest Community Bail Fund 915
National Bail Fund Network 350
Montgomery Bail Out 250
National Bailout 200
PDX Protest Bail Fund 50

And I tweeted the redacted receipts.

These are some worthy charities. I hope that others will do what they can to support. And importantly, let’s reduce the importance of police in communities, health and safety, and ordinary stuff. They have a role to play, but the paramilitary, hyperaggressive, and disproportionately racist, anti-journalism, anti-accountable police we have seen lately need to be reformed.

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