Rants and Opinions

This is just whatever happens to be on my mind at a given moment.

Bach Google Doodle via Logic Pro
I made a Google Doodle Johann Sebastian Bach line and then pulled it in to Logic Pro to see what I could do with it.
Cloudtrail to Elasticsearch via S3
I'm loading CloudTrail events from S3 into Elasticsearch so that I can search them and visualise them. I do this automatically with a Lambda function. I also wrote a python program to bulk-upload CloudTrail into ElasticSearch. The code is on github.
Terms and Conditions: a Short Story
This is my first ever fictional short story called *Terms and Conditions*.
Even More Dusty Old Recordings
In working on the new blog, I discovered even more old MP3 recordings of my college bands. The band was a one-gig-wonder we called The Motor Boys.
A Static Hugo Blog on AWS CloudFront and S3, Part 1
This should tell you absolutely everything you need to know to create and host a static web site that is HTTPS, modern, and serverless.