Paco is a Principal Security Consultant at AWS in their Professional Services team. Based in London, he works with organisations to make their cloud applications secure. He used to do application security consulting with Cigital, before they were bought by Synopsys.

He is a subject matter expert with ISCĀ² to help define certifications like the CISSP and CSSLP.

Paco speaks fairly often at industry conferences like:

Contact Me

Easiest way to contact me is via email. I can also be found on social media. Mainly on and the Infosec Exchange.

I run a diaspora pod called A Grumpy World. My profile

Yeah, I’ve got an account on the trashfire they call Twitter, too: @pacohope. Facebook? Forget it. I don’t do anything important there and neither should you.

Turns out I have identities on virtually every social media platform, and they’re all pacohope. So Skype, Reddit, YouTube, gmail, whatever. That’s your best bet.