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A Static Hugo Blog on AWS CloudFront and S3, Part 1
This should tell you absolutely everything you need to know to create and host a static web site that is HTTPS, modern, and serverless.
Moving From Wordpress to S3
After many years running WordPress, I have finally given up. I really don't need a server or a content management software. I'm doing a simple static blog with Hugo and CloudFront. Here's how.
Content Metadata for Social Media (e.g., Mastodon)
I’ve been thinking about how to make social media practical and usable by kids. Back when I was experimenting with, I wrote a blog on how it could be used safely with kids. Well, died. But maybe Mastodon will succeed where it failed. No social platform yet has made a decent set of tools for being kid-friendly but Mastodon could create one. This blog post is a rewrite of my old one, edited to account for things that are different in the ‘fediverse’. [legal note: The ideas expressed in this blog post are hereby, without limitation, donated to the public domain. All copyright, intellectual property right, and/or ownership rights are hereby explicitly waived. In other words: someone should take this idea and go make a business out of it, and don't worry about paying me a cent.] ......