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Content Metadata for Social Media (e.g., Mastodon)
I’ve been thinking about how to make social media practical and usable by kids. Back when I was experimenting with, I wrote a blog on how it could be used safely with kids. Well, died. But maybe Mastodon will succeed where it failed. No social platform yet has made a decent set of tools for being kid-friendly but Mastodon could create one. This blog post is a rewrite of my old one, edited to account for things that are different in the ‘fediverse’. [legal note: The ideas expressed in this blog post are hereby, without limitation, donated to the public domain. All copyright, intellectual property right, and/or ownership rights are hereby explicitly waived. In other words: someone should take this idea and go make a business out of it, and don't worry about paying me a cent.] ......
My favourite bash prompt
I was working on my bash prompt recently. I think I've settled on some defaults that I quite like. I figured I'd share it with the world.
Cosmic Rays Did Not Change Election Results
In 2003 a Belgian election anomaly investigation shrugged. In 2017 it's described as cosmic rays hacking our elections. Ridiculous.