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Virtual PC and Floppy Images
I use Virtual PC for Mac to run Windows 2000 on my Powerbook. I had some 3.5” floppy disk images from an MSDN disk that I wanted to use, but Virtual PC didn’t like them. I figured out why. ......
Dell Latitude Sound
I wanted to enable sound under FreeBSD on my Dell Latitude CPi. I needed to upgrade the BIOS before it would work.
Fun Again
If you like the board games at BrettSpielWelt, then you should probably own them. It’s definitely worthwhile to play them physically in addition to virtually. You get a feel for the pieces and the game play. You also support the people who made the game. That’s important. Anyways, that’s a long preface for why you should go to Fun Again. They’re a great place to go to get all these games.......